Political Self-Pitying Losers

I realise that some may disagree with the ‘losers’ tag but I would argue that it would only be if you judged them on their wealth rather than as human beings…. however that said,

It seems to me that the problem with people such as Nigel Farage, Donald Trump and Boris Johnston is that for all of their outward self-confidence and bravado they are actually using it to hide their own insecurities which is why they appear to be wallowing in some kind of machonistic self – pity.

You can hear them constantly crying and screaming….. (on social media in one particular case)

“It isn’t fair everyone keeps picking on me”

Whenever they appear in the media they almost inevitably descend into a rut of self-pitying rage against the unfairness.

It is not only the home grown opposition they rage against in constantly criticising and putting them down for they have now escalated it to the extent of accusing whole nations and religious groups of being amongst the worst offenders.

But why do these multi-millionaires from a privileged, sheltered and protected background feel this way?

OK (and this is only my opinion with which you are free to disagree) they all have the common traits of being loathsome, dishonest liars with natures and personalities that even their own mothers must have found difficult to love – but why inflict their own self-pitying attitudes on the rest of us.

Of course they claim that they feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility to save the rest of the world by moulding it into a warped version of what they believe would be a utopia with naturally they as the saviours in charge (I don’t have to point out that history hows it has been tried before and that didn’t work out too well).

Power of course is addictive but like narcotics it only brings momentary pleasure and relief which means it needs the constant feeding of higher dosages causing the power seekers to be increasingly separated from reality.

The upward spiral of the power seekers is one in which they will never be happy and especially about the things that even they don’t have the power to change no matter how much they try.

The result is that they inevitably (but not before they have caused a great deal of damage to others) become increasingly isolated and will constantly bleat and seek solace in their own self-pity.

The problem is that self-pity is for those who don’t see the need to change and if they do they have no intention of changing so from a personal point of view the sooner the self-pitying downward spiral kicks in the better for all of us.

In the meanwhile we have the law and democracy to protect us……

Or do we???????