Nuclear Treaty – Who Benefits

Nuclear Treaty – Who Benefits

I don’t suppose I am the only one (though I might be) who finds it the height of hypocrisy for the USA Government of Donald Trump to be complaining about other nations developing nuclear weapons at a time when he and they have started a new arms race.

Now don’t get me wrong I don’t want to see an increase in the number of countries who have nuclear weapons or those who already have them increasing their arsenals, however why did America express anger that Russia immediately followed suit when they announced they were unilaterally withdrawing from the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Treaty.

What did they expect them to do?

Say “OK – not to worry we’ll simply let you get on with it”?

The problem is that all that’s really been achieved is to open the door for the other nuclear powers especially China and North Korea to argue that they will increase their own arsenals (and delivery systems) to counter the possible aggression from the USA and Russia.

And was the real reason the USA tore up the treaty because Russia had already breached it?

Or – (and this will make the conspiracy theorists happy) – was it because President Trump as part of his trade war with China wanted to have intermediate range missiles based in Asia directed not at Russia but at China?

Of course the problem for the USA is that China at the current time (or so we are led to believe) has a large arsenal of intermediate range weapons but which however don’t have the range to reach the USA but can reach almost any target in Russia.

So why wouldn’t China develop long range inter-continental weapons that would counter any move by the USA to position weapons in Asia.

We can’t ignore the fact however that Russia have weapons that can already reach targets in China and the USA which means as far as Russia is concerned the decision by President Trump is militarily beneficial to Russia especially if China step up increasing their long-range nuclear arsenal.

I suspect Russia will now seek to increase their friendship, partnerships and trade with China to counter any moves from the USA.

Only time will tell but it is a dangerous game both militarily and economically to alienate and make enemies of both China and Russia whilst at the same time driving them into each other’s arms.