Trump v Those Pesky Democrats.

I know this may offend or even upset some Americans but rest assured the United Kingdom is as politically dysfunctional and as big a basket case as the USA at the current time.

The major difference is that we have a weak Prime Minister in Theresa May whilst the USA has ….. well President Donald Trump so perhaps we are slightly less of a basket case after all.

It looks on this side of the Atlantic Ocean as if what we expected President Trump would do once the Democrats won the House of Representatives in the mid-term elections is beginning to come to fruition.

Is there really anyone both in the USA or anywhere else in the world who once half of the congress was controlled by a political party opposed to his regime is surprised that he has started scapegoating them for everything that goes wrong.

As a psychologically damaged pathological liar pre-emptive scapegoating will come as easily to him as lying, denying and retracting any promises he may have made.

It is only my personal opinion but why would anybody work for or do business with Donald Trump and his family? – the only conclusion I can come to having given it some thought is that those who do are of the very same ilk.

So how welcome he, his family, and his republican supporters must find in their ultimate bogeyman – the democrats in congress.

OK the democrats won’t be able to actually pass any laws and/or even overturn or override a President Veto but they will be able to make it very difficult for him.

So stand by for Trump ramping up his rhetoric and blaming them for everything.

We used to call it having a Tantrum which has now become “Throwing a Trumptram” in this household.

A slowing economy which economic experts are forecasting – not a Trump Republican created problem – Democrats to blame.

But what about the effect of the USA isolationist protectionist trade policies that have led to a massive increase in the national debt and forecasted shrinking profits leading to a recession – not my fault is the tweet on twitter – it is all the Democrats fault.

Forget (or ignore) the fact that the vast majority of mass shootings (what we call murder in the UK) or individual deaths caused by shooting are carried out by USA citizens on fellow USA citizens you can put your house on the fact that if one is carried out by an “illegal” immigrant the republican president will blame it all on the democrats for refusing to fund his vanity project wall.

Given his record so far the president will probably accuse the democrats of providing tunnels under, ladders to get over and ships to circumnavigate by sea any construction that he manages to get erected on the Mexico – USA border.

And as for the political situation everything in the republican White House was a bed of roses until those pesky Americans went and voted for the left wing communist, socialist democrats who are causing so much political disruption and divisiveness in Washington.

They’ve even hd the audacity to start looking into the honest, law abiding, god fearing Trump family business interest and tax returns.

How dare they ask where the family got their money from and whether they pay their taxes.

Bloody hell fire anyone would think President Trump and his family had something to hide.

Of course one way, perhaps the only way he and they could prove conclusively that they are true American patriots is to simply co-operate and be open about how their businesses are run and who their financial backers are.

Which of course – is never going to happen.

It will be interesting to see what happens once the family Trump are no longer in the White House.

Would anyone be surprised if in 2020 we are inundated with cries of….

“Lock them up”???

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