Ipple-Pen Diary. 2nd May – Election Day

2nd May – Election Day

It’s Election Day in Ipplepen and the residents of our small community are reeling from the lack and absence of political lies and braggadocio they haven’t been subjected to over the past six weeks since the election was called.

A cleanly fought election – whatever next…

There has of course been the occasional leaflet all of which naturally extolled the virtues of their own policies whilst deriding those of their opponents.

The problem for the electorate is always who to believe or should they all be treated as a bunch of dishonest political opportunists and hoodlums which is a problem for those of us who still believe it is our civic duty to make our way to the polling station.

Of course there is always the democratic right to register our disdain and spoil the ballot paper but what good would that do – someone will be elected come what may.

I suppose it would be different if the ballot paper had a choice of “None of the above” (who I suspect may well be in with a great chance of winning given the public’s discontent with the state of current politicians).

Why stop there, why not allow the electorate to put their cross next to ‘Elected Dictatorship’, ‘All Fed Up’ or any number of other options alongside those of the usual identikit political parties.

The opinion polls here in Ipplepen as usual suggest that the only real options for a newly elected councillor is that between the Liberal Democrat and Conservative candidates with many voters thinking that the outcome is a foregone conclusion.

Which of course is the reality with only two candidates one representing the Conservatives and the other representing the Liberal Democrat’s.

Will electors stay at home believing and trusting the opinion polls and deciding not to vote and risk letting the dreaded opposition to win?

Will electors stay at home because they haven’t someone representing the party they would choose to support to vote for?

And will the opinion polls get it right is the question after all they have consistently got it wrong in recent elections.

Will the Conservatives continue to dominate the local District Council or will the Liberal Democrat’s make a resurgence or will Labour eat into the dominance of the two other parties, and how will the Independent Candidates fair?

Well we will find out in the next 24 hours who will be representing and looking after the interests of the people of Ipplepen and then what…….

It is said that (OK it may only be said be me) that democracy in the United Kingdom consists of an election being called, six weeks of candidates promising that they will deliver all of the promises they have made during the campaign and then for the next four/five years spend their time explaining why they couldn’t/haven’t delivered them before going through the whole process again.

Incidentally never trust a politician who in order to ingratiate themselves with the people say the electorate are more intelligent and sophisticated than their opponents treat them…. because if there is one thing that election after election demonstrates it is that the vast majority of people aren’t.

How else can you explain the number of discredited and disgraced Members of Parliament who continue to be elected.

Perhaps that is why there are a large number of voters who vote in a local election for a local candidate who represent a political party that they wouldn’t dream of voting for in a general election.

The polling station opens in 30 minutes….

Right … now where did I put that bloody polling card….