Ipplepen-Pen Diary. Life in the Fast Lane

Well that’s March over and done with and it has ended with beautiful spring sunshine which has brought Ipplepen out in bloom, not only across the village but also in the surrounding hedgerows.

There is nothing like an unseasonably bout of warm weather to bring the best out in the village, some like the local director of the Ipplepen Drama society have even taken to declaring summer and started wearing shorts.

The sound of the birds chirping away makes you realise just how bloody noisy living in the countryside is – (no wonder the townies who move here find it difficult to cope) – fresh air and the noise of nature in spring is enough to drive them crazy.

How they miss the sound of and contamination from the internal combustion engines and worse still those people from suburbia miss the dulcet tones of Greensleeves announcing the arrival of the ice cream van.

Well as spring arrives and with Easter being at the end of April this year it won’t be long before the visitors arrive in South Devon to enjoy the Torquay Riviera.

Yes, it is that time of year when the hotels and guest houses along with the caravan parks start to gear up fro the summer deluge of visitors.

The first to arrive will be those (usually retired) people who unencumbered by children take their freedom very seriously and are determined to make the most of it.

Many are members of the National Trust who will visit the stately homes in the south-west which are almost all associated either with ecclesiastical history or the sea.

Then come the summer and the families who come to enjoy the sea, beaches and lets be honest the tacky holiday arcades and gift shops.

Which is fine on the warm sunny days but when it rains, and believe it or not it rains a great deal in Devon and Cornwall bedraggled utterly miserable holiday makers is a common sight, all waiting impatiently for the holiday to be over.

For those of us who permanently live in the South-West we simply accept the rains and high winds that April brings and wait for May and the start of the summer when we all avoid whenever possible travelling around the counties narrow lanes to escape from the dangers of meeting tourists coming the other way.

If it is life in the fast lane you want then Devon and Cornwall is definitely not the place for you especially during the summer months.