Ipplepen-Pen Diary. Spring

Well at last it looks as if Spring has arrived in Ipplepen and its surrounds which has come as a massive relief to the locals who have been driven to the edge of insanity by the long drawn out Winter.

We don’t yet have the blue bird from Mary Poppins tweeting away but we do have the tres around the village and along the hedgerows bursting out in blossom bringing a sense of renewal of the year ahead.

The trees being filled with ever increasing numbers of songbirds singing way in three and even four part harmony with their little chests puffed out in pride trying to attract a mate.

Mind you they may not be singing at all but shouting at the top of their voices

“this my place….. So f*** off and find your own”

Who know for sure?

If anyone does it’ll be David Attenborough.

After months of what now appears to have been total unrelieved gloom the darkest recesses of our homes and lives are now being penetrated by welcome sunshine.

Down at the allotments and across the whole of Ipplepen the locals are inspecting the surroundings to see what havoc the winter has wreaked which has led to a mass break out of spring cleaning hysteria.

Rubbish is being discarded from the village homes and what isn’t taken to the local tip may well still be here in months time and perhaps even this time next year.

After days of cleaning people announce with some kind of pride that you could eat your dinner off their floor which always begs the question, even if you could why would you?

It wont be long now before the sight of residents, and especially those who live in rendered bungalows are seen climbing short ladders to paint their homes.

White is the most common colour but there will be a sprinkling of pinks and blues across the village.

The spring sunlight is seeing residents emerging from the winter cocoons of their homes and like hedgehogs emerging from hibernation giving themselves a good shake as they banish the winter lethargy to the past.

I wonder what is it about the spring that makes even the most pessimistic of people who usually think of the world as nothing more than an unbridled, unprincipled sh*t heap start to believe the world may just be full of wonder and magic.

With spring comes renewed schadenfreude the please of seeing one of those brand new bloody Chelsea Tractors left with the lights still on and especially if it happens to be in an airport long stay car park.

Ah Spring, a time of unbridled optimism when anything and everything appears possible.

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