Kave – The One True Goddess?

As regular readers of my ramblings will know I have no belief in any gods or mythical mystical beings which sometimes raises eyebrows especially amongst devout believers.

What I don’t understand in this immensely complicated world is how anyone can claim that their god is the one and only true god and in doing so reject all of the other gods.

This was reinforced recently when visiting the Auckland Domain I saw what is a brilliant carving of a female form of the Goddess Figure, Kave.

The full name of the goddess being Kave De Hine Aligi who was (or should that be is?) a very powerful spirit and goddess who was worshiped by and presided over the people of Nukuoro.

Which brings me back to my first point because the carved goddess stood in the amalau, a community temple where the local priests sought favour by offering fruits and other foods.

That was until around about the time of the 1870’s when under the influence of missionaries and Christianity the people of Nukuoro started to change and began to lose faith in the power of their old goods.

So the question is… Why?

Why does God have to be a man?

Why not a Goddess?

And if there is only one true Goddess why shouldn’t it be Kave?