“Global Britain” – Watch Out World – We’re Back.

“Global Britain” – Watch Out World – We’re Back Ho Ho

Well there’s only two weeks to the event that is going to see a resurgence akin to the conversion of St Paul on the road to Damascus when Britain will once again like Phoenix rising from the ashes become Great Britain.

As we close in on the Brexit date with the volume of the debates and discussions becoming increasingly incoherent (if that is at all possible given the debate up to now) a new increasingly popular mantra is being trotted out by the Brexiteers –

The mantra being…. “Global Britain”.

Taking a step back it seems that (who is surprised?) the fantastic deal that the United Kingdom would definitely get with the European Union because after all they need the UK more than the UK needs the EU isn’t actually going to happen.

By all accounts the talk of European businesses turning on their own Governments and forcing them to give the UK everything they want in order to maintain the level of trade has turned out to have been just that – all talk.

It also appears that the previous mantra that “everyone” in the UK would on the 30 March not only wake up in a newly invigorated free society but would also be financially better off was to put it politely ‘over-optimistic’,

or to put it another way…. ‘a load of bollocks’.

So what are the realities facing the poor bloody Brits apart that is from the forecast that there may well be a period of imported food produce.

But not to worry the politicians have promised us that there will be ”adequate (without defining what they mean by adequate) food”.

The Brexiteers especially those who are devoted to the idea of Brexit are now extolling and irritatingly repeating that as of the 30th March we will enter a new chapter of these islands in which as they put it “GLOBAL BRITAIN” will place us in a position where we will be on the ‘world stage in a way we haven’t before’.

It is the words ‘in a way we haven’t before’ that should raise concern.

It should raise concerns because the lack of definition leaves the way open to so many interpretations.

Those nostalgic Brexiteers such as Boris Johnston, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Liam Fox define it as taking us back to the days that put the Great in Great Britain, of the colonial imperialistic days when we controlled two thirds of the worlds trade mainly it has to be said by sending gunboats and armies to subdue any dissent.

Who cannot recall Liam Fox (who incidentally as defence secretary was forced to resign in disgrace for taking an undeclared lobbyist on an official overseas visit and lying about it) promising that he would have 40 major deals ready for signing at 0001 hours on the 30 March.

Or how he fanfared his own brilliance lately when he announced the deal he had signed which guaranteed continuing trade with Switzerland on exactly the same terms as a member of the European Union.

Let’s not mention that at the same time Japan announced that they wouldn’t be signing a trade agreement on the same terms as the one they had with the European Union.

Of course and understandably the anti-Brexiteers seized on and interpreted the promise that “GLOBAL BRITAIN” will place us in a position where we will be on the ‘world stage in a way we haven’t before’ differently pointing out that according to all of the economic experts (including the Governments own Chancellor of the Exchequer) the United Kingdom would be substantially poorer.

It is difficult to understand how politicians from all political parties simply don’t appear to believe the European Union when they say that they will not offer a non-EU Member UK the same generous trading terms as the members.

And why would they?

If they did why would anyone want or even need to be a member?

So what of the other countries who we are told are lining up to trade with a newly resurgent “Global Britain” free from the unencumbered by membership of the EU?

The USA – or at least that epitome of trustworthiness Donald Trump – has said they are ready to sign a huge favourable trade deal providing the UK make major concessions on agriculture and food standards.

But surely it isn’t a problem because Liam Fox and his band have told us that we will simply transfer from the regulations and undemocratically elected bureaucratic European Union – taking back control – to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) trading terms.

Please don’t mention that the WTO is also run by unelected people in a bureaucratic structure because to do so would offend the Brexiteers.

And also don’t mention that along with the USA our friends New Zealand and Australia were some of the first countries to object to the suggestion that the UK should simply transfer from the EU to the WTO trade terms and conditions.

Trade after all is trade and business is business so why would anyone in the United Kingdom let alone those politicians who have made such outlandish promises (or lies depending on your point of view) even think other nations would go out of their way to accommodate us?

The biggest problem or error that those who now talk of a “Global Britain” is in overestimating our influence in the world and believing that even though we may be one of the largest economies compared to the USA and China not to mention the European Union trading block we are not as significant as the Brexiteers egos thing we are.

The reality is we are arguably even though one of only nine nuclear nations on the planet rapidly becoming a borderline military power and certainly only have a seat at the top table because of our historical past.

On Tuesday this week Parliament will vote again on Theresa May and her Governments negotiated agreement to leave the European Union and take the step into becoming “Global Britain”.

Strangely confidence of winning the vote, having been roundly defeated in January, is not high within Government circles as shown by the number of ministers who have embarked on what is a combination of pleading with the EU to help them win the vote and setting the foundation to blame them once it fails.

Well the final charge (why does it bring to mind the Charge of the Light Brigade) towards Brexit is on and as we gather speed towards the guns of an isolationist “Global Britain” the enthusiasm – or lack thereof – is also gathering pace.

The one thing we can be certain of is that whatever happens by Friday 15th March (beware the Ides of March) the only thing that is guaranteed is that we will inevitably move onwards, and onwards to a very uncertain future.

I predict it will be recorded in history as the turning point when our Parliament and its Member from all sides of the political divide moved from Rule Britannia to Misrule Britannia.

Who is or will be to blame?

Well you can put your house on the fact that the politicians will blame everyone and anyone but themselves starting with”those in the opposing parties” and the intransigence of the 27 remaining European Union Nations.

“Global Britain” – Watch out world – We’re back.

Ho Ho Ho