Equality – 1919-2019 Update

It is one hundred years since women in Britain were first ‘granted’ by men (how pretentious is that) the vote.

A century since women with very unorthodox and unwelcome ideas well above their station had the temerity to challenge the male dominated patriarchy and joined forces to round on the establishment and demand democratic equality.

The establishment of course thought that women/ladies (depending on your view) as being akin to the witches in Macbeth with their eccentric attitudes guaranteed to frighten the frock-coated men in Parliament.

The very “frock-coats” whose ancestors now occupy positions of power and authority in Parliament and business and who continue to display the attitude that women are somehow inferior to them and need to know their place.

Perhaps it would have been better if they had been witches and turned the politicians of the time into newts.

At least then the whispering campaign and sexist attitudes would have been extinguished.

A century ago the upstart women were summarily tried and incarcerated in prison where they were treated abysmally to the extent that today we would consider it bordering if not being actual torture.

It was a stain on the judicial and justice system of the time when the simple minded and gullible population across the nation fell for the propaganda of the “frock-coats”.

It is very different today of course where such clear and blatantly cruel miscarriages of justice are thankfully very rare.

And who would even think that the population would fall for the lies and propaganda of the current Government “frock-coats” and go along with anything that would cause prolonged damage to the nation?

As for women being judged solely and entirely on what they look like as opposed to their intellectual capability and ability ….. well thank goodness in the United Kingdom we don’t do that any longer.

The United Kingdom is now one of the safer havens on the planet for those who have mild eccentricities and where women with strange views of their very own can live their lives and succeed without having to run the gauntlet of mocking laughter or male disdain.

Just think if you will how far we have come in the past 100 years in a country where we are now so tolerant and broad-minded that we no longer feel the need to erect a barriers to prevent women’s advancement.

After all since Lady Astor became the first elected female Member of Parliament haven’t we had not one but two female Prime Ministers?

Progress eh!

One hundred years – an end to sexism an end to discrimination?

Well hardly and that is why sadly even with universal suffrage and the equality acts we still in many ways remain a society stuck in 1919.

Just think how far we could go if everyone regardless of sex and gender of race and religion were truly treated as equals.

Whisper it very quietly though just in case the current parliamentary “frock-coats” hear you.