Pick Up Three.

Pick Up Three

What would happen if when everyone of us who went out to take the dog for a walk or just went out for a walk picked up three items of rubbish and put them in a bin (that’s trash can in some parts of the world)?

The reason this came into mind is that I am staying in Mangere, Auckland and just along the road is the Walter Massey Park which by any measure is a fantastic and well used public facility.

Our son and family who we are staying with have a greyhound called Tim who enjoys a morning walk before the sun gets to warm and when I take him we cross the park where for the past few days I’ve found myself picking up three items, (usual plastic, glass or aluminium).

I suppose it is in the nature of things now in all big cities that people simply throw their rubbish on the floor and from my experience it is the same even in the wonderful country that is New Zealand.

The grass verges and gutters on the main highways wouldn’t be the same without discarded McDonald containers and drink cartons which are in danger of becoming as numerous as the dreaded agapanthus that appear to be everywhere.

It is a shame to see so much litter in this country which brings me back to the issue of what if everyone picked up three items how much better would it be not only for the people but also for the diverse animal life that lives here.

Having said all of that how good would it be if the litter louts of Auckland simply took their rubbish home with them and put it in the bin.

Or is littering simply a symptom of a modern city.

P.S. Before anyone complains the problem of litter in New Zealand is nowhere near as bad as it is in the UK.