Nuclear Hypocrisy – Sleep Tight

The latest outbreak of the ongoing dispute between Pakistan and India over the Kashmir region is nothing if not a major headache for the Western world not the least reason being because of the fact that they are both members of the worlds elite club.

The club of those countries who have Nuclear Weapons which begs the question what do they need them for?

As is now the customary attitude the “established” nuclear nations (OK mainly the USA, France, Russia and the United Kingdom) sanctimoniously believe that it is a problem because after all how an earth will they mange to handle such sophisticated deadly weapons.

Good grief with the ongoing argument over Kashmir they might even start pointing the bloody things at each other and someone might just in their ignorance or even for a giggle press the button.

Whew perhaps they should leave playing with nuclear weapons to the big boys eh!

After all what could possibly go wrong with Trump, Putin and May in charge of the nuclear weapons all who have unequivocally said they would push the button with no explanation under what circumstances they would decide to incinerate millions of us.

If you’re one of the new nuclear countries who have a grievance with the old boys why given their attitude wouldn’t you try to get your retaliation in first?

I suppose it is why the majority of people appear to be taking the prospect of a global nuclear holocaust and meltdown in their stride very much along the lines of the New Zealanders attitude to earthquakes.

They know it is going to happen the only question is when so why worry.

In contrast whoever there are those who find it almost impossible to sleep at night from worrying.

Now I have as good a sense of humour as the next man or woman (which in the current world is desperately needed)

As someone who doesn’t believe in a higher being and is by sometimes chastised for saying so I would argue that if there was a God who has really give the human race custody of this planet I’d be expecting him (or her) to come calling very soon with a host of angelic celestial social workers in tow.

The very least they would do is put us into special measures by removing the majority of the world leaders and perhaps at best take the planet into care for our own protection.

In the meantime we will it appears have to put up with those who make billions from waging war and who have the power to destroy the planet (of which the two largest nuclear powers are now starting to enlarge their arsenals) hypocritically pontificating on the dangers of other nations joint the nuclear club.

As I said earlier – best leave the destruction of the planet to the big boys eh!

Sleep tight everyone.