There is a great deal of talk in the United Kingdom at the current time driven by the “false angst” of politicians who are currently debating whether to make Britain even more unwelcome and uninviting for ‘foreigners’ to come and work here than it already is.

Why the ‘false angst?’

Put simply the right wing xenophobes lied about the impact of people not originally from these shores sponging, taking advantage and sucking our society dry.

Forget about al of the evidence to the contrary.

And all with the aim of demonising foreigners in order to convince the disaffected down trodden people (who incidentally find themselves in such a position because of the policies of the very same xenophobes) to vote for their policies.

It is difficult to imagine a situation in which someone who finds themselves in poverty because of political policies would then vote to make themselves even worse off by believing the very same people and voting for them again.

But that is exactly the position that millions of people in the United Kingdom have adopted.

What is even more fascinating is how the very same politicians claim the moral high ground when deriding those who disagree with them.

Which puts millions of people (including me) in the difficult position of apparently being labelled as an anti-Semite, anti-Muslim, Islamaphobia, sexist, misogynist or even a Nazi.

Let me try to explain……… before I’m reported to the thought police.

 I’m one of those people not only in the UK but across the globe who think that the way the Palestinian people and Palestine have and are being treated by the Israel Government (not the people) is not only disgraceful and disgusting but also cruel.

Which according to the UK main stream media and the politicians they support apparently labels me as a hater of the Jews and an anti-Semite.

I also happen think that the UK and USA support of the actions or at least their refusal to condemn the actions of the Israel Government are no less as disgraceful as the cruelty being inflicted on the Palestinian people.

Which apparently according to the UK main stream media and the politicians they support labels me as being anti-British and anti-American.

The actions of the Syrian Royal family and Government especially in the Yemen are equally disgraceful and are so barbaric that no right minded person could simply in my opinion not condemn them for what they are.

Except of course because Syria is and ‘ally’ (which is another way of saying they buy billions of pounds worth of weapons from us) and a Muslin country expressing disgust at the way they act is simply explained away as being anti-Muslin and islamaphobia.

If politically you are even slightly right of centre in your thinking them you must be a ultra right wing Nazi.

If politically you are even slightly left of centre in your thinking then you must be a bloody terrorist loving left wing communist.

Which puts me (and I suspect millions of others in these island) in a very difficult position because when it comes to the National Health Service, homeless, pensioners and the vulnerable I’m certainly left of centre (whatever the mythical political centre is) but when it comes to policing, the armed services and protecting people and the nation I’m right of centre.

There are other areas and issues that are almost guaranteed to label me as being some kind of deviant monster but I guess I will just have to get used to being labelled as an,

 “ultra right wing Nazi anti-Semite islamaphobic anti-British, anti-American terrorist loving left wing communist.”

Or perhaps, just perhaps I happen to think that standing up to injustice and bullies and terrorists and abusers of power is something worth standing up for.

Which is why I’ll be satisfied in having the comfort – not that I need it – of knowing and believing that those being labelled as such (by the media, politicians, bigots and xenophobes) doesn’t actually make it so.

I don’t really care what team you play for, or what God you pray to, or whether you pray to a god at all, or what country you originate from, or what colour your skin tone is, or what your gender preference is….or,or, or,

If you want to come and contribute to the future of the United Kingdom society and its immense variety then… as far as I’m concerned,