Ipple-Pen Diary. Utilities Stop

I answered a phone call the other day the subject of which was an offer to provide me with electricity at a price less than what I am currently paying.

Which would have made sense had they known how much I was paying in the first place and if they did know … How?

Because I certainly didn’t tell them.

Anyway it got me thinking about how confusing has it become especially for the older generation when someone from an electricity utility company either by phones or cold calling turning up on the doorstep and trying to sell them GAS.

 There is no logic in it just as there is no logic in the gas utility company following shortly afterwards trying to sell them ELECTRICITY.

Surely the gas flows through the gas pipes and the electricity through the cables that already exist?

Are they going to duplicate them and have their own power generation stations or gas processing plants?

Having been bombarded about the need to be careful about who they enter into agreements with the elderly understandably will, and in my opinion should be wary and ask the simple question.

Can we trust them or are they Cowboys?

Utility company advertising appears to smack of the “we’ve been working in the area and have ten tons of Tarmac left over going cheap so we can do you a deal on relaying your path” sales pitch except with the difference of “we’ve been delivering gas/electricity in the area and still have some mega kilowatt hours or cubic feet left over – we’ll do you a good deal.”

People are beginning to feel beleaguered in their own homes being assailed by people trying to sell them basic essential services that they already have under the guise of making their lives better through increased ‘consumer choice’.

A polite “no thank you” does not appear to be sufficient to ward the sales people off and the natural British reserve and politeness prevents us from shouting “f*** off” before slamming the door in their face.

Even that may not stop them from bombarding you with even more and more special offers or promotions.

It is getting to the extent that very shortly there is going to need to be a ‘help line’ where people can get confidential and anonymous advice.

The problem of course is that there will be a number of telephone companies vying to provide the ‘help line’ offering the users any number of offers.

Will it never end?

And now the calls aren’t even from a member of the human race coming by way of a synthesised voice explaining the offer and then informing you ….. For xxx press hash , for yyy press 1… etc, etc.

I wonder if the calls could be reported not as nuisance but obscene phone calls?
Or should we start a campaign to form a “hunting party” to track down the smooth pattered utility advertising executives?

Bloody hell fire even estate agents and solicitors are more respected (and quite rightly so) than advertising people and quite rightly so because what excuse can they have when their only purpose appears to be to make people dissatisfied with life.

I suppose they could hide (just joking) behind the claim that the advertising industry is a part of the creative industry (whatever that is or even if it is a thing) and I admit some of the adverts are very clever.

But the utility company sales pitches……. Please.


Just leave us all alone.