Brexit – Joy and Drama

So today (Monday 10th December) is day four and the penultimate day of the Parliamentary Brexit debate and all we have learned is that the Government of Mrs May is struggling to such an extent that they are now not only trying to rewrite history but even the Withdrawal Agreement itself as they go.

A number of the statements made by Theresa May ministers have bordered on not only being ludicrous but also disingenuous.

We have seen Liam Fox MP who for those who don’t know promised that minutes after the UK withdrawal from the European Union he would have at least 40 trade agreements across the world ready to be signed off saying that,

“He believes Parliament will steal Brexit against the wishes of the people”

(N.B. He better get his skates on because the number of trade agreements ready to go is zero).

Incidentally Liam Fox MP should know something having previously been sacked in disgrace for being dishonest over his expenses and then trying to cover it up . 

Though to be fair to Dr Fox being dishonest having to resign or getting sacked now appears to be a prerequisite to getting a ministerial post in the current Government.

Now whether you believe the United Kingdom should stay or leave the European Union what does his statement say about his attitude towards parliament and our democracy?

Perhaps he has forgotten that the 650 Members of Parliament are elected to look at and after what they believe to be in the best interest of the whole of the United Kingdom irrespective of party politics.

The problem is that for all of the ‘fire and fury’ statements that a large number of Conservatives and to be fair other party MP’s have been making saying they will vote against the agreement when it comes to the crunch as we have found time after time they fall into line a vote along party lines out of fear that they will lose their access to the lucrative golden goose of being an MP.

Then we had Phillip Hammond MP saying that failing to support the agreement would be a “betrayal” or at least seen as a betrayal by 50% of the nation.

It is quite a strong statement presented as a fact but is it accurate?

To start with 50% of the nation would mean he has included all of those who didn’t vote in the European Union referendum and assumes that all those who voted to leave agree with the agreement which they clearly all don’t.

And even if he was accurate what about the other half of the population who may well feel betrayed if the vote goes in favour of the Governments Agreement.

The reality is that whatever the outcome of the parliamentary vote the nation will be as divided over Brexit as it ever has been and there appears to be nothing that anyone can do to resolve the issue.

This weekend we have seen Ministers travelling around the country and the media outlets trying to convince “the people” that the agreement is not only the best but the only agreement available.

Additionally we have also seen the architects of the problem such as Boris Johnston MP (the well known liar, deceiver and doyen of dishonesty and disrepute who has also in the past been sacked for telling untruths) saying the problem could be easily resolved.

All it would take according to Mr Johnston is for the Prime Minister to tell the European Union that the Northern Ireland “back stop” has to be removed from the agreement and if they don’t the United Kingdom will refuse to pay the £39billion the Government has promised to pay.

Forgive me for being a little picky but I assume Theresa May has the intelligence of at least a ten year old and as such if presented with a “simple” solution she would have already done it and therefore avoided the need to sound so desperate as she goes about defending the agreement.

Of course after the vote on Tuesday it may well be that Theresa May will find herself, because she has ignored the Brexiteers “simple” solution, in a position in which she has lost the confidence not only of Parliament but her own Party.

Will we see yet another resignation of a Conservative Prime Minister because of internal party conflicts over Europe?

Only time will tell but we are already seeing Conservative MP’s positioning themselves for a leadership contest and if there is one thing history of the Conservative Party has shown it is that there is no political party as callous, cruel and ruthless when it comes to stabbing their leader in the back.

So after two years of concentrating on nothing else but Brexit to the detriment of the United Kingdom and other important issue we are now in the “strong and stable” position of being absolutely bugger knows where.

The joy and drama of Brexit – don’t you just love it?