Ipple-Pen Diary. Happy as we Are

(7 December 2018)

Ipplepen has a growing reputation as the village that is just up the road from Totnes where all of the ‘hippies’ live.

Well when I say hippies they aren’t your 1960’s flower power summer of love hippies but those of the 21st Century who have arrived from London to ‘follow their dream and find themselves’ away from the rat race of the city.

I know I’ve written about this before but one area that I’m extremely glad the village hasn’t a reputation for is being large enough to have caught the attention of the fast-food chains.

The nearest we have to it is the mobile fish and chip van that comes every Thursday a me of desperate for a take way there is always the Wellington Inn.

There is nowhere in Ipplepen where you’ll hear “do you want chips with your curry or egg fried rice chop sued noodles.”

Why do they ask you wherever you go if you want chips with that?

If I wanted chips I would ask for them.

I can’t imagine the surprise or shock in the village if a stretched limousine arrived carrying smartly dressed executives from the ‘Biggerthanbig Burger Bar’ who are looking to open a branch in the village.

Accompanied by advertising people whose whole aim is to make people dissatisfied and unhappy with what they have in order to promote their own product.

The problem they would have in Ipplepen is that the residents aren’t stupid and recognise that the only reason the fast food chains have such a huge advertising budget is because what they have to offer is generally speaking – well – crap.

If it was truly better than anyone else’s then the best of them would corner the market by word of mouth of their customers.

I suppose the biggest problem with the silver tongued advertising executives is that they really or at least appear to really believe in what they are saying.

It fills me with a warm glow that the chances of a fast food outlet in Ipplepen varies somewhere between zero and nil which also provides the comfort of knowing we won’t see half eaten burgers and discarded polystyrene packaging littering the village.

I suppose the reality is the majority of those who live in Ipplepen thankfully have little knowledge of the devious way big business works so take the straight forward attitude of …

“What we’ve got is good enough for us. If we want to be adventurous (or eat crap) we’ll go into town. ”

“Now bugger off we’ve a pagan festival to organise”