Drone Challenge

There is something seriously worrying about the number of people in Western Democracies – especially in the Northern Hemisphere – who have apparently accepted the role of being drones and are prepared to simply act and dance unquestioningly to the demands and on the orders of their political masters.

In doing so they are giving up their freedoms which will inevitably turn them into the pawns that the wealthy and powerful want them to be.

It seems – and I accept I may be the only one thinking this – that until the ‘drones’ muster at least some degree of self-respect they will never be in a position to question and challenge tyrannical politicians.

Whether people and nations have the courage and conviction to do so only time will tell but I cannot help thinking that if they don’t then we will effectively have sacrificed our freedom and self-reliance to those who are and will continue in their own self- interest to take advantage of people’s apathy.