Wisdom Shortage 

What a week last week was in the political meanderings, or rather, political incompetence of the United Kingdom Government.

Two years into the Brexit negotiations and Theresa May announced that she has negotiated an agreement that it appears has for the first time in a long while united all of the political parties on both sides of the leave or remain debate.

The problem is of course they are almost unanimously united in opposition to the agreement.

The outcome for Theresa May is that she has had to make forced changes to the Cabinet because of resignations – including the man who was arguably supposed to be responsible as the Brexit Minister for negotiating the agreement.

 So changes to strengthen her position?

Well not really because all she has done is brought back into the Cabinet another disgraced Member of Parliament who was forced to resign earlier in the year for misleading Parliament.

I should point out that what Parliament and Members of Parliament call ‘misleading’ is what ordinary people refer to as ‘lying’ – but that’s another story.

Bringing back Amanda Rudd MP to serve in the Cabinet alongside Liam Fox and Michael Gove and before their resignations, Boris Johnston and David Davies begs the question how many ‘disgraced’ former MP’s does a Prime Minister appoint before it is regarded as too many?

 In the eyes of the U.K. Conservative supporting electorate and media apparently as many as she likes.

Theresa May and her supporters claim that the changes are necessary to ensure that her government keeps moving forward with Brexit when in reality all she has done is once again to rearrange failing ministers in her Government.

If this week as shown us one thing it is that in order to survive in the toxic political atmosphere that the Conservatives and Brexiteers have created the only option available to the Prime Minister is to rearrange and keep moving.

There is no time for reflection on her very tenuous position which is increasingly becoming one of being in power without having any power and constantly at the mercy of events that are out of her control.

It is almost sad to watch someone who has worked – and some might say schemed – so hard to achieve her political ambitions putting a lid on her own wisdom which she must know is telling her that she is destined to fail.

To watch Theresa May going through the facade of constantly saying that she has the strength of her convictions to carry on only highlights the reality that she is out of her depth and doesn’t have the patience or inner strength to even be straight with herself about what she can and cannot do.

Paul Engle once said that “wisdom is knowing when you can’t be wise”.

Perhaps it is time for Theresa May and her Conservative colleagues – and I might add those who are members of the other political parties who are as equally unaware – to be mindful of their limitations and recognise the reality that they don’t know everything, they never will, and instead of lying to cover it up simply admit that they will not take responsibility for knowledge that they don’t have.

It seems to me that only then will our politicians recognise the damage their dogma is inflicting on the people of the United Kingdom and start to address the real issues of poverty, homelessness, crime and the healthcare of the nation.

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