One of the problems I have with the attitude of a disproportionate number of hugely wealthy men isn’t their wealth but what appears to be an epidemic in which as they acquire their fortune they completely lose sight and sensitivity towards other.

They absolutely will not allow anything to get in the way of what they see as the greatest prize of all – the accumulation of money.

Nothing but nothing must get in the way and they believe that their wealth and the influence it gives them is also a licence to do whatever they like unencumbered by the usual morality and ethics that the rest of the population are judged by.

That is assuming of course that they had a sense of morality and code of ethics in the first place which when you consider the reported behaviour of many is a questionable assumption.

It doesn’t matter how many people they step on en-route to where they want to be which it appears to be is on the Forbes list of wealthy individuals or as television /media personalities.

Do they ever give a thought to the number of lives they have destroyed in their personal search for wealth?

There are a number of significant exceptions of course but they are becoming as rare as hens teeth.

I cannot help thinking when I see, hear or read comments from billionaires extolling their own virtues of how they have turned a miserly inheritance of millions into billions or worked their way up through hard work – no mention of tax avoidance or nepotism – of the words of Jean-Baptiste Poquelin…….

“He must have killed a lot of men to have made so much money”