Where’s the Mute Button?

There is a great deal of anger and angst in the United Kingdom over the number of international global companies and individuals who are taking advantage not only of the policies of the Theresa May Government but also her lax approach to the countries tax laws.

What is annoying is how they advertise on the UK television network pretending – not very well in my opinion – that they are devoted to the well-being and prosperity of the people of this nation.

It is such a devout devotion that they clearly believe the people’s well-being is best served by leaving them to be independent and not by contributing to the nations exchequer preferring instead to keep as much of their wealth as far away from the Uk shores as possible.

It is why I don’t shop or use the companies involved in tax avoidance such as Dyson, Boots, Starbucks, et al.

As for television advertising I’ve found that when the adverts come on and especially when the faces of Richard Branson and James Dyson appear there is a sense of joy in reaching for the mute button.