Ego – Danger

The more I see of our politicians here in the United Kingdom the more I have come to believe that what drives them is not the public interest but their own self-interest and ego’s.

Of course it would be naive to pretend or ignore that everything we all do is to some extent or other is in some way not political.

Of course it is because in one way or another we are all faced by some form of public scrutiny raising in us questions – sometimes difficult ones – of how are we measuring up to the expectations of “our” – no matter how small – public.

At work everyone has to be political if they want to get ahead, increase their salary or perhaps in seeking to receive the respect of their colleagues.

We are all to some extent driven by our ego and if we are politically aware and keep our ego in check we can more easily navigate our way through to achieve our aims and resolve many of the problems that inevitably arise in life.

The problem with the political class – if there is such a thing – is that they appear to have lost complete control of their egos to the extent that it is the main driving force of their ambition.

As a result we are seeing corruption – especially in the democratic electoral system of the U.K. and dare I say it the USA – of the Political Leadership on an unprecedented scale.

When I say corruption I refer to the blatant lying and dishonesty from them that we see every day as they seek to appeal to those who continue to massage their egos.

Is there any wonder they cannot see or address the issue and problems that exist whilst they are absorbed in their own egotistical posturing?

Perhaps it is a case of that in their complete lack of self-awareness, and I would suggest deeply disturbing lack of self-respect that makes them unaware of just how ego centric they really are aided by the sycophants they surround themselves with.

Politics in the UK has now it appears been reduced to no more than inter- and intra-groups of mutual admiration tribes who spend most of their time massaging each others egos within their respective tribes whilst mocking, scoffing and throwing buns at the other tribes.

In fact just like a five years olds at an out of control tea party.

The problem being of course I have now insulted all five year olds.

My apologies for that.

Perhaps we may one day return to politics and politicians who put their egos to one side and put the public interest first.

Wishful thinking?


In the meantime I’ll not be holding my breath.

7 thoughts on “Ego – Danger

  1. I kept giggling while reading through, as advanced/developed as your country is, you talk of this, come and see advance corruption and as you claim “aided by the sycophants they surround themselves with”, those are thier dogs, they tell them lies to get from them.


    1. Thank you, pleased you enjoyed it. I’m not so sure though that given the current situation in the UK that we could reasonably describe ourselves as living in an “advanced/developed” country especially politically and intellectually πŸ€”

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