Political Discord – Is It “Our” Fault

I won’t mention any particular world leader or senior politician by name because quite frankly there are so many to choose from but I have a now well developed innate suspicion of anyone and especially those in politics who claim that they and apparently they alone have a perfect understanding of detailed issues.

Perhaps – yes I am cynical about politicians – the only thing they really can claim to have a detailed knowledge of is the intricacies of their own frauds especially the fraud of knowingly making statements and claims they know are false.

What we are seeing at the present time are politics which arise from the desperation of those in power feeling the need to be in control which allied to their determination to increase their own wealth is a very dangerous mixture especially for the people they are supposed and claim to represent.

It wouldn’t be so obvious if they weren’t so bad at covering their own weakness and inadequacies relying instead on bluster and bullying.

Which is understandable because one certain way to avoid having to explain your actions is to spring into action and give the impression that you are taking control of the situation even if you have no idea what you are doing.

They claim of course that – usually loudly and often – that any failure is either the fault of someone – or even everyone else – or that progress is being made but is slow because as “perfectionists” they are determined it, like them, will be perfect.

The reality is that many of the world’s leaders think they have control but it is a control that is a figment of their own delusion and self-assuredness and is in reality a control that like them is fraudulent.

The best leaders are those that have the information and even though they understand a great deal also recognise that they don’t understand everything.

Great leaders listen and learn from others, bad leader don’t listen and certainly don’t learn which is why they are perpetually confused and why they bluster, lie and bully.

Amazingly and this is the point – even though people are only too well aware of what they are like they still support and worse still vote for them.

So the fault and responsibility is perhaps that of the electorate.