Half the People

These are serious questions to which I would love to have the answer.

The more ridiculous and ludicrous the political leaders in the UK and USA act the more I question just how much of it is a act or is it simply inherent dishonesty and stupidity?

Are they faking it to appeal to a specific section of the people in order to continue lining their own pockets and reinforce the need for their egos to be continually massaged and boosted?

If that is the case what does it say about the millions who continue in the face of all of the evidence to the contrary who absolutely and unequivocally continue to support the corrupt dishonest charlatans?

And what of the other millions who can see though the bullshit and yet do nothing to the extent that they cannot even be bothered to engage with the political system for even the minimum time it takes to put a cross on a piece of paper every four or five years depending on where you live?

Are we to believe that they and the supporters of the charlatans are also faking it or are they so lacking in intellect, common sense or consumed by apathy that they truly believe everything they are being fed or truly believe that they can have no influence to change things?

Robert Mitchum once famously said that “half the people in America are faking it”

Well I don’t know about the USA but it certainly applies here in the United – increasingly becoming the “Dis- United” – Kingdom.

As for the USA people will today (Tuesday  6th  November) have the opportunity to  – well at least those who haven’t been illegally excluded – take part in the mid-term elections which I admit I will be staying up to watch the outcome unfold.

I suspect the Robert Mitchum quote would have to be written now as,

“Half the people in the UK/USA are allowing the 1% to f*** it up”