Democratic Tyranny

There is something unnerving in the world today watching as the tyranny of modern leaders is developing and even more so because it’s happening in our democracies indicating that people have simply failed to learn from history.

How else can you explain the election of such people as Boris Johnston and Donald Trump?

How else can you explain how the United States of America, a country founded on the principles of freedom elected a man who appears completely unable and incapable of thinking before he speaks or acts?

Fear is perhaps the key to the answer which is of course exactly what the tyrant wants – to spread fear – to be feared – and of course they hide their own fear behind a bravado designed to cover their own inadequacies and fears.

But let’s look at Donald Trump and Boris Johnston – and yes I know I have written about them before – whose demands of loyalty and subservience by others runs well beyond anything anyone can regard as reasonable.

Why would anyone want to or continue to work for people who are driven by anger, hate and a lack of respect for anyone but themselves and who it is becoming increasingly obvious are surrounded by those who absolutely don’t trust them.

And yet the same people are only too happy to pick up their salary from them.

Perhaps it is simply a fact of life but whatever the reasoning one thing is certain Donald Trump and Boris Johnston find it a damn site easier to talk and act than they do to think about what they are doing.

Which has been the hallmark of the tyrant down the ages.

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