Suck It Up Buttercups

It never crossed my mind in the past that I would be writing about this subject .. But here goes anyway.


I wonder why it is that men especially it seems too many men with wealth and/or the power associated with it are scared of strong women.

I have followed the machinations across in the USA where “strong” and it has to be said courageous women have come forward with accusations of abuse at the hands of men only to be disparaged and mocked by men with wealth and power.

The same applies in the United Kingdom as we see women who make similar claims being instantly disbelieved and treated not as second or even third class citizens but actually treated with contempt.

But why?

I have been fortunate – and I use the word fortunate intentionally – to have been surrounded by strong women all of my life.

My Great Grandmother Wroe lost three sons in World War 1 and was renowned as the matriarch of the coal mining village where she lived well into her 90’s.

My parents raised five sons and a daughter but whilst my father was and still is – though he has long since passed – my hero I realised from a very young age that because he was a professional soldier and absent for long periods it was our mother who ruled the roost.

And woah betide you if you stepped out of line.

My sister is of the same ilk – they do say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – tough -strong-willed and absolutely devoted to her and our wider family.

When I started work down a coal mine – or as they say in Yorkshire “down’t’pit lad” – it was clear that even though the miners themselves were tough men it was the women who had to display a strength of character that far exceeded the manual labour of the miners and never so much as when the siren blew indicating that there had been an accident as happened at my colliery on 3 February 1966 when ten men died.

It won’t therefore having been raised in such a family and community come as a surprise to hear that I ended up marrying a woman who has strong opinions, intelligence and the character that she uses effectively to defend them.

I’m not sure if it is genetics and hereditary but our daughter has the same – if not more – of the characteristics of her mother.

Having been on the receiving end – for my own good I was assured – of their combined forces against me on occasions I can firmly vouch that I usually lose the argument in spectacular fashion.

Which brings me back to the question of why do powerful and wealthy men especially in political and business life show such disregard and disrespect for women?

Why for example do those who hold the purse strings pay women considerably less than they pay men for doing the same job?

Why are strong independently minded women feared by men?

It baffles me because I’ve been fortunate -and I’m not just saying it because of the fear that they may read this – to have been brought up with, by and worked with strong-minded women to recognise that they contribute so much to society and deserve to be treated with much more respect than they currently are.

As for the men who deride, belittle and fear independently minded women all I can say is –

“Suck it up buttercups – Do your worse”

Because the truth is that by your actions you prove conclusively that…..

They are not your equal……

They are better than you.

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