Breakfast at dawn

Rucksack all packed

Stepping out on to the road

Along natures track

Walking for pleasure

Trekking across the land and soil

With beauty all around you

Hiking’s not such a toil

Everywhere can be walked too

If you take the time

To ignore the beauty around you

It should be a crime

Pausing to look

Free from life’s shackles and woes

At the hills and the rivers

Away from the roads

You sit very quietly

Silent and still

In a place where you’re happy 

Free from all ills

There can be nothing better

Than to be up in the hills

Ignoring all weathers

Come rain or come shine

Better than being

In an office confined

And when the days over

The fire crackles and burns

You can sit in contentment

Of what is to come

The need for adventure

That burns in your chest

For tomorrow’s a fresh day

The start of a new quest