Mrs May Promises – Sham of Shame?

Mrs May apart from making an absolute fool of herself – if it is possible for her to look even more foolish on the World stage – by dancing on to the stage at Conservative Party Conference went on to make a speech in which she declared that the “austerity” policies and measures are now at an end and we can look forward to a future of opportunities and growth that will benefit everyone.

Sounds absolutely brilliant except for one or two small details.

Included amongst which is that it doesn’t factor in what will happen or should I say what is going to happen after 29 March 2019 when the United Kingdom is no longer a member of the European Union and perhaps as important that her sentiments are not shared by the Chancellor of the Exchequer Phillip Hammond MP.

Perhaps what Mrs May is saying once again is that as she has said before she and her “Compassionate Conservative” want to create a country of opportunity, fairness and aspiration for all of the people.

Which will be good news for the millions of families whose only aspiration at the present time is to put food on the table and keep a roof over the heads of their families.

Which would be good news for not only the charitable organisations who have opened over 2000 food banks across England the need for which being something that we as a nation should be thoroughly ashamed of.

Perhaps there are some who think that I am being cynical but how else can you react when the same Prime Minister only last week said that she wasn’t concerned about replacing the European Union single market because as the fifth largest economy in the World the UK was in a strong position.

When all of the economic evidence and forecasts tell a markedly different story.

The plummeting pound seems to be considered by the Conservative Government not so much as an irrelevance but a mere embuggerance to the Government non-Brexit- exit plans.

We are told it is the outcome only to be expected and also worth it from having to go through the economic pains of the Government austerity programme.

The Conservatives and Theresa May would have everyone believe that the economy could only recover through ’austerity’ measures which involved cuts, cuts and more cuts which of course as the warnings predicted has not only failed but seen the national debt treble.

The recent announcements that they are now abandoning the economic policies of the last six years and instead looking to the Labour Party infrastructure investment model especially around housing is of course welcome all be it coming very late and from the same people who implemented and imposed the previous policies.

There is of course a record of success of an economic policy of Government investment in infrastructure, housing and employment that is irrefutable.

From 1945 to 1954 following six years of war the country went through a period of massive austerity that changed society forever as men returned and the struggle for greater equality started to take a shape which has led to greater, but not yet full equality.

It was a time of food rationing and yes “Food Banks” during which factory output was maintained to ensure people had employment much of which was recycled to keep manufacturing going, a massive post war housing and infrastructure programme and of course the creation of the now “under threat” National Health Service.

(To all Conservatives – Leave the NHS alone)

To see after 70 years a return of Food Banks is a terrible indictment not only of the Governments economic failure but also their failure to protect the most vulnerable.

Theresa May along with David Cameron and their colleagues including Phillip Hammond are the “Architects of Poverty”

I recall Phillip Hammond MP when the Minister of Defence now the Chancellor of the Exchequer with responsibility for the economy saying when opening a Food Bank that they were an example of the success of the Conservatives ‘Big Society’.

(Whatever happened to the Big Society?)

Phillip Hammond is now as he was then wrong and completely out of touch with the reality of poverty that millionaires from a privileged background can and never will understand.

In the last year alone over 1.75 million three day emergency food supplies were provided to people in crisis by the Trussell Trust Charity’s network of food banks.

How by any measure can it be seen as a sign of success?

This isn’t a sign of success but of abject failure that has come about to meet a desperate need and politicians who suggest otherwise should be treated with utter contempt.

The people I have the greatest respect for are those over 40,000 people who are managing Food Banks and those who are supporting them with their donations.

For a variety of reasons I find it difficult to be proud to live in the United Kingdom but one thing I am proud of is that there are still people who even in tough times are prepared to donate and help those worse off than themselves and urge everyone where they can to support the Food Banks that operate in their areas.

It is something we should all be proud and at the same time ashamed of.

As for Theresa May and her promise that the austerity policies are now to be abandoned she and her Government should be forever and thoroughly ashamed except of course they aren’t and won’t be for the very simple reason that they just don’t care.

Or to use her catchphrase from last year …

“Nothing Has Changed – Nothing Has Changed”

and sadly nothing will change until she and her Government are removed from office.