Winter Neighbourliness Time

 As Autumn ends and winter creeps in or so we would hope but it may well decide to come screaming in bringing with it dramatic falls in temperature it is perhaps worth remembering that heart attacks are more common during cold weather.

Evidence from an international study found that there was a significant increase in heart attacks when the temperature falls below 15C – that’s 59 Fahrenheit to none-Celsius people – .

So it is time again to look out for your neighbours and especially those who are high risk of having a heart attack.

The problem I suppose is what to look for?

Medical people will say that symptoms such as chest pain and shortage of breath when and as the temperature drops are easy indicators to remember.

If you know someone who has previously had a heart attack, or is elderly, or who has diabetes, or high blood pressure, or is obese then perhaps now is the time to be extra vigilant.

Winter neighbourliness may be the call of the day.