People Stand Up

The thing about tyrants 

That’s undeniably true

Is the worse they are

The less they actually feel

When being callously cruel

They cannot be compared

To the likes of me and you

For the worse we are

The worse is what we feel

So rise up people

And refuse to kneel

To the tyrants

Together make them see

That we will all together

Bring them to their knees.

12 thoughts on “People Stand Up

      1. Right? I don’t want to grow old in this mess! So many people are talking everywhere I go about wanting change, and how tired they are trying to make ends meet. I live in California, the average working person’s paycheck pays their rent! People are struggling everywhere! Etc.Etc. Thank you for your service! Homeless Vets are living in fields, on the streets, dirty and hungry, who deserve to grow old with dignity! I know there are many people who care and do what they can, but the Gov. could do so much more! But there is to much nonsense going on there, “this ones in, that ones out” …The Boy’s Club! An embarrassment while the whole world is watching! David, I appreciate your topics in which you choose to write about. In my life, I am quiet, but I’m paying attention to everything. What to do David, what to do? People are starting to break.


        1. They say in the UK of the USA has a cold we end up sneezing well we share the same type of Government, they ignore the plight of veterans, look after their own namely the wealthy, treat our older people with contempt and are in the process of undermining the health of the nation already having destroyed our education system. Oh and have decided to leave the largest free trade block in the world without a plan for the future. On the up side people are beginning to push back especially the young so there is hope.

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          1. ‘On the upside’…Yes! The youth of today want truth, they have so much to sort through to get to it? Change can take so long. Thank you David for your writing and sharing your astute observations. I do hope you are one of the luckier Vets who returned to a comfort zone?


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