Honest Integrity

I gave an honest opinion

The outcome I did not foresee

To be accused for my views

Of lacking integrity

Apparently being honest

At least to a few

Means a lack of moral character

For being honest and speaking the truth

Has societies morals 

Changed so very much

That being honest is now seen

As not an integral part of life

Is honesty now a forbidden quality

No longer needed to survive

4 thoughts on “Honest Integrity

  1. I query the same daily. Principles are the guiding forces which bring stability between people. I once pondered on the thought, if we all tested our DNA and tracked our relationships, we would be stunned at those we are blood relations with. After all we are all connected. In some ways we are all family.
    But I think independence of thought has been lost. No one wants to go to the trouble of uncovering truth. The soup of the day is spoon fed by those who care nothing of giving us the truth anymore. They are simply dramatist who seek high ratings.


    1. Thank you I absolutely agree with your comments it does appear that politicians in particular can now intentionally lie with impunity from criticism both from the media and more critically and sadly the electorate.

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