Well Said Sister of Mine

My sister of who we are all tremendously proud and who incidentally is a formidably mentally tough woman has just posted this on Facebook.

I thought it worth sharing because the sentiments are so valid in today’s world.

Well summer holidays are over and tomorrow morning for the 40th year I’ll watch the littlest, junior and big school kid’s walk past my house all in their shiny new shoe’s and uniforms some of these are the grandkids of the first lot that went past in 1978 when as a young couple with one child we decided to buy a bungalow as our forever home The kid’s look so happy as they skip on their way to school with frazzled mum’s shouting slow down ,mind the road after all they’ve just endure six week’s of family time with the little darlings as the week go buy and the kid’s find their place in this strange world called education and find out that not all people think the moon,star’s and sun shines out of them and it’s a great big pond with lot’s of fish in it and some of those fish are big and nasty and will bite chunks out of you if you let them as a watcher you see the changes in those bright youngsters who set off in the first week in September the smiles are dimmer the feet drag and now the mum’s are shouting come on you’ll be late and yes you’ve got to go to school SO IF YOUR A LITTLE FISH AND ONE OF THE BIG NASTY (BULLYS) TAKE A BITE AT YOU DON’T PUT UP WITH IT REPORT THEM and just maybe I’ll see you all skipping past my house with happy bright smiling faces every day this year xxx