Don – The Brave

Don the brave the coward ran away

Our son Don 

He was a special child

As special as can be

In fact he was the specialest

The world will ever see

And because he was so special

He made others look a fool 

We took the special action

Of sending him to a special school

Where he dressed up in a uniform

Of a soldier from the past

Being so smart and arrogant

As he paraded back and forth

It was because he was so special

That he didn’t look so daft

Our Don he looked a hero

He was given an award

He wore it on his uniform

And even wore a sword

But then arrived a problem

A war for a real man

It was against some yellow folk

In a place called Vietnam

But our brave Don was special

Far to special to go and fight

So we paid for a deferment 

From the dreaded draft

So our brave son whose special

Got let of not twice

Or thrice, or four

He was considered so very special

He avoided having to serve

Five time and even more

And now our special son

Far to special to have served 

The bully and the coward

To special to be brave

Is now  the Commander in Chief

Of the good old USA.