It’s Only Politics

If there is one thing that I cannot understand it is when politicians who spend all of their time especially when talking to the media constantly insulting, abusing and condemning opposition politicians and yet then talk and chat away to them as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

What I fail to understand is that when challenged about it they claim that the abuse and condemnation which in some cases is extremely personal is simply a part of the business of politics and doesn’t really reflect the true personality of the protagonists.

To which I can only say – Bollocks.

Why an earth would you like or respect someone who resorts to such behaviour?

In effect what they are doing under the heading politics is happily and willingly accepting and condoning behaviours that they would find very offensive if it was aimed at them from anyone outside of the political world in which they move.

No-one with any sense of self-respect or self-knowledge – or at least in my opinion – would accept such abuse and certainly wouldn’t entertain dishing it out.

How can their behaviour be excused away simply because they have the initials MP after their name?

And why should anyone accept being spoken to or treated in such a manner?

I’m afraid that I have a very simplistic view of people which amounts to this – those who lie, abuse, denigrate and in any way insult others do so because that is their nature and it is simply convenient to hide it behind the excuse that it isn’t personal and only politics.

If victims of such behaviour accept and continue to respect those who do it then as far as I am concerned they will never be in a position ever again to complain if members of the public also treat them in the same manner.

After all it is only politics isn’t it?

Perhaps it is better summed up by Jean-Paul Sartre when he said,

“I hate victims who respect their executioners”.