Veterans Lament

They are the kind of people

Who were willing to sacrifice

For your precious freedoms

Their all – including life

They tip-toed through the mine fields

Not knowing how far they’d to go

Not knowing if a snipers site 

Held them within their deadly view

Or if the deadly snipers

Was even there at all

They questioned why they were there

At the politicians beck and call

Who massaging their own egos

Sent young men overseas to fall

To cover political failure

Claiming it was to defend the law

They made the great decision 

To send young men to war

They don’t understand

What misery servicemen do see

While they sit safely back at home

So when you see OUR people

Who for our freedom fought

Treat them with the respect they’re due

Or it will all have been for nought

For whilst the politicians

Sit and pontificate

It’s the service men and women

Who against the enemy stand

And sacrifice their lives

To secure the freedom of this land