UK Political Decline 

UK Political Decline

It always seems to me – and in today’s world appears more appropriate than ever – that any decision made on a purely emotional basis especially if made by a person or persons who are in a position of authority and power is not to be trusted.

Throughout my life I have worked with people who have been excellent leaders including when I was in the Royal Navy one who went on to be the First Sea Lord.

What made them great leaders – apart that is from being educated and intelligent – is that they made decisions based on thought, reason and care and consideration for those who worked with them.

And that is an essential part of great leadership – recognising that to be successful it is important to have people working “with” and not “for” you.

The fact is a humane intelligent leader produces a humane intelligent team made up of humane intelligent individuals.

The opposite of course is true of the ignorant uneducated unintelligent people who convince themselves they are great leaders.

Does it remind you of anyone?

Of course the problem arises when gullible people are exploited by those who appeal to their feelings and sentiment convincing them that what they are being told is true even though reason tells them it isn’t.

It is a ploy that politicians exploit as was no more clearly demonstrated than in the European Union “Brexit” Referendum campaign by such as Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and David Davies.

Any attempt to argue against them and to remain In the European Union based on reason was met by scorn and abuse with the Leave campaigners rejecting having an honest, open and democratic debate.

The end result has not only been the chaotic negotiations around the referendum result but the fact that lying and dishonesty by politicians has now become a part of and accepted as normal behaviour in the political system within the United Kingdom.

It has now reached epidemic proportions and like a cancer has and continues to spread through all levels of political life to the detriment of democracy.

Sadly the current political leadership appears to lack both the intelligence and integrity to address the issue and reverse the decline in political standards.