Helen M. Nightingale

Helen M. Nightingale

It is amazing that someone who had so much talent as a poet and who displayed it whilst working in the most extreme conditions of a hospital during the Great War should be relatively unknown.

In fact not only unknown but it seems for the most part she appears not to have existed at all.

I have blogged examples of her fantastic poetry of the time and yet the most I can find out about Helen is that she was an Australian nurse who worked at the Royal Victoria Patriotic School whilst it was a WW1 Hospital and where she wrote a number of poems.

The only evidence that she existed are her poems and the photograph of her shown in this blog.

Perhaps there is someone in Australia who can throw light on the life of this remarkable woman.

Perhaps there is someone out there in the bloggesphere who has further examples of her poetry.

If so I can only hope they will publish/blog them because it would be a great shame if they were lost forever.