Disgusting Habit

I know I may come across sometimes as an old fogey grumbling about things that many – far to many in my view don’t give a fig about- such as picking up dog poo, not littering the country etc but I’m surely not the only one who is becoming increasingly annoyed by the increase in the amount of spitting we are seeing on our streets?

And it isn’t only on our streets.

I have watched only two World Cup football games – none by the way involving England – where we have seen players ‘gobbling’ (what a horrible expression) on the pitch.

It baffles me not only because it is being picked up and shown on international television – why? – but because the players clearly don’t mind the fact that their own teammates may well end up landing in it.

Perhaps even stranger is the fact that the teammates themselves don’t seem concerned about what is -at least to my mind – a disgusting habit.

If ever there was a need for a simple change to stop it it is now and yes I do have a suggestion.

When I was in the Royal Navy I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to compete in the Field Gun Competition. 

(Look it up on YouTube).

I should say as someone who has played a lot of sport I understand the need to get rid of saliva but and here’s where the suggestion comes in.

If you spat during the field gun competition you received a two second penalty that was added to the running time.

Two seconds doesn’t seem a great deal but when you are dealing in hundreds of a second it is serious.

The answer was that you lowered your head and simply spat down the inside of your ‘white front’.

Of course I also know that the prima-donna professional footballers would balk at the idea that they soil their own bodies with their own excess body fluid after all it may take their fake tan off.

Still it doesn’t stop me thinking they should or thinking that those who spit on the pitch should be penalised.

As for those who spit on our streets and footpaths well why not treat them in the same way as we do those who throw litter and fine them?

Or am I just being a grumpy old fogey?