Final Goodbye

The problem facing mankind

Is that no one wants to die

And yet we all understand

It’s the inevitability of man

In a world of such great joy

We should all want to live

To love life and enjoy

So it is so sad when we often hear

There are some who want nothing more

Than to be immediately out of here

Their lives to them so miserable

The solution appears quite clear

To answer is to kill themselves from fear 

From fear of meaningless

How sad that anyone would want to die

Such a terrible thing to want

Born out of a desperation

That they simply can’t go on

And no it isn’t cowardice

Lacking the strength to just march on

To face up to the problems

And in the mind simply stay strong

For fear of living a life a lie

Unable to face the challenge

Facing up to their hellish life 

Is where they find the strength

The courage to end it all

And say  a final goodbye