On Tour NC 500 – Day 23

On Tour Travelogue Day 23

Friday 22 June

Today we travelled south to our final destination of this tour the beautiful village of Broadway in the Cotswolds a place that epitomises the villages and countryside of Laurie Lee.

Nestled in the Cotswold Hills Broadway is what you would imagine an English Country Village to be with a wide Main Street along each side are houses, shops and buildings built out of rich golden Cotswold Stone.

A number of which have growing across their fronts very established wisteria that when in full bloom are simply spectacular.

If you were looking for a village in which to set a mystery murder plot then Broadway is it with two pubs either side of the village green (perfect for rivalry and murder with bodies on the green) and independent small business along the main road run by local people.

This is where Inspector Barnaby of Midsomer’s Murders or even Hercule would feel very much at home.

The houses by the way just like the rest of the village have immaculately coiffured gardens so perhaps it is really a case of Broadway being the “real” Stepford Wives hub of the Cotswolds which may account for the fact that there are an awful lot of very well dressed people out shopping.

Incidentally for those who know – or at least if you have been reading this series of blogs you should by now – that the British simply love a good fish and chip shop you will not be disappointed because there is one in Broadway and the food is top notch.

The site where we are staying is about a mile from the village and adjacent to a newly restored railway line that now runs from Broadway to Cheltenham Racecourse some seventeen miles away.

Tomorrow we are going to take a look but in the meantime the weather is perfect for sitting outside with an ocean going gin and tonic, so…….