On Tour NC 500 – Day 21

On Tour Travelogue Day 21

Wednesday 20 June

So today we woke up to the sound of nature – isn’t nature bloody noisy – with sheep (surely if you have more than one sheep it should be a flock of shoops or at least that’s what we told our kids when they were young ) bleating and the dawn chorus in full cry.

Dogs walked early and we set off to visit the famous seaside town called – not Blackpool – but Scarborough who claim to be the first seaside holiday resort with people first visiting 400 years ago.

Just think that’s 150 years before Captain Cook set off on his first trip to the South Seas.
The first thing we noticed was the ruin – and have I said the people of North Yorkshire simply love an old ruin- of the 12th century castle built by Henry 2nd.

Well he didn’t actually build it but you know what I mean and by the way the castle is huge.
OK parts of the town look a bit ‘tired’ but what do you expect of a town that has been in existence as a working port since before the Norman invasion of 1066?

Did I mention that the other thing the North of England love is an enormous over engineered stone built viaduct and there is a great example of it as you enter Scarborough.

Why oh why did we in the British Isles allow councils in the 60’s (1960’s not 1860’s) to build concrete and glass council offices and worse still allow them to be attached to beautiful Victorian buildings.

It was nothing less than an architectural atrocity FFS Scarborough Council knock it down and build you Council offices somewhere else or share with the North Yorkshire County Council.

Having walked up the hill – yes Scarborough is hilly – to the castle we came down via a different route and along the promenade (that’s a lovely word) where we came across a sculptor of what appeared to be a grumpy old man sat on a bench.

In fact it wasn’t of a grumpy old man and perhaps the best way to explain it is in full so this is what was on the explanation board alongside it.

Highly emotional.

Not a grumpy but a thoughtful, kind and sad old gentleman.

According to Liz when she took a photo of me sitting on the bench at least there was one grumpy old git sat on it.😜😜

Scarborough is also famous for the Stephen Joseph Theatre associated with Alan Ackbourne whose first play The Square Cat opened at the theatre in 1959 and in fact all but four of his plays have first been seen at the theatre.

The town also boasts the largest natural open air amphitheatre in Europe.

Another little known fact is it was in Scarborough that the first civilian deaths of WW1 took place in 1914 when a German battle cruiser shelled the town.

Why Scarborough?

To sum up Scarborough is a lovely town with very nice beaches – including donkey rides yaaay – but if you don’t like hills then it may not be for you – except…..

We walked back up the hills to the bus stop only to find that there is a Victorian Tram Way that takes you from the beach right to the top of the town and worse still right opposite where we wanted to be.

Bugger how did we miss that.

So now it’s time for beer for tomorrow we are off to the industrial South Yorkshire – or should that be the former industrial? – so”….


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