On Tour NC 500 – Day 18

On Tour Travelogue Day 18

Sunday 17 June

So a brilliant day in the Durham District except the Park and Ride only operates Monday to Saturday so instead of going into the City we went to the Riverside Park at Chester le Street.

Sometimes it is the unplanned things that give you not only a surprise but also something to remember.

Firstly when you arrive at Riverside Park it is a little confusing because you end up in a car park at the Durham County Cricket ground however after getting our bearings – in other words we asked someone which inevitably became a long conversation on whether it was a nice place to live ( which it is ) we set off on a riverside walk.

Two things to remember, firstly the River Wear may look inviting but it is dangerous, the second is that if you have two Springers don’t get to stressed out when they discover water and mud.

Ellie and Flix were in their element, in and out of and up and down the banks of the river.
It is clearly a popular walk judging by the number of people we met.

Now here’s a fact I didn’t know.

The Rowing club is actually called the Chester le Street Rowing and Rugby Club and the reason I mention it is that the only other combined rowing and rugby club I have encountered is the one in Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada.

Anyway it was great to see so many young people out on the river rowing and I mean rowing not just paddling along in a boat.

Oh and they have huge ‘yarrow plants’ the size of triffids growing amongst the thick river bank undergrowth so beware the triffids.

On the return path we went to the Riverside Park itself where there was a huge family day event being held organised by the local authority.

It was packed and very lively especially on the water jet pad park.

What is it about water jets and fountains that kids simply love?

Coffee and Flap jacks at the park cafe and of course – yes you guessed it – we are on holiday so the stalker was inevitably drawn to the ice cream vendor.

We smiled when we were at the cafe because – and this is something that those who don’t come from the north or those who come from a foreign land won’t understand – they sold “chips with gravy”.

Ah! The blessed holy culinary grail of the north – don’t you just love them – none of this fancy cheesy chips and mayonnaise in this neck of the woods.

“By ‘eck pet you must be from t’ South.

Anyway it has been a lovely day and we know where to catch the park and ride into the city so tomorrow we are off to explore Durham.

As for now we have a bottle of red to finish off and are about to settle down to watch a film with Helen Mirren in it on which I’ll probably write a quick review sometime in the future.
In the meantime…