To Late

They walked with 

A sombre countenance

Taking small and

Careful steps

Carrying their friend

Side by side

Across their shoulders 

He did lie

The pews were full

Of family and friends

Sat together

Grieving at his end

They now reflect

On what they

Wanted to say

Before he was

So cruelly 

Taken away

They looked so sad

Some did cry

Because they never

Got to say goodbye

So think on this

The next time you meet

Friends and family

When you greet

If there’s something

You want to say

Say it now

Don’t hesitate

For you will find

It’s a mistake

Life is short

There’s no time 

To wait 

The time to tell

Those you love

How much 

They matter

Is today

Remember this

It’s far to late

To say

You love them 

When they’re in 

Their grave