On Tour NC 500 – Day 17

On Tour Travelogue Day 17

Saturday 16 June

Well this morning we set off on our journey back to England under a dark and overcast sky that promised and didn’t disappoint rain and lots of it.

Let me say the A68 out of Scotland is a lovely road with a maximum speed limit of 60mph which given the weather conditions was quite fast enough thank you.

The reason I say this is because if there is one thing you should be aware of about the A68 it is that they bloody love a speed camera which I’m sure the lunatic who overtook us going well over sixty has found out.

The reason ?

As he – whilst no doubt being pleased with himself – sped past us about 200 metres in front we saw the quite unforgettable bright flash of a speed camera.

Karma is a sod and especially so when four miles down the road take a guess who we got behind and stayed like that in a convoy behind a lorry for the next 15 miles.

I know you shouldn’t take pleasure at someone else misfortune but what the hell I did.
Incidentally the A68 route also takes you through some really picturesque villages until eventually you reach the point where Scotland is behind you and you enter England.

I wonder if we will have the same freedom of access if Scotland eventually gains its independence?

All I can say is thank you Scotland and we will be back.

For now though we have travelled to the fantastic County Durham and have arrived in the ancient and historical university city of Durham itself where we are staying for a couple of days.

The first thing you notice – apart that is the beautiful countryside – is the Durham North East accent.

I doubt if there is a better accent anywhere in the UK because for some reason it always seems welcoming that and the fact that it is years since someone has called me ‘pet’.

I love the North East and on that note it is time for wine so….


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