On Tour NC 500 – Day 16

On Tour Travelogue Day 16

Friday 15 June

Oh! Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Edinburgh once again you have not failed to deliver – what a fantastic city to visit.

You may have guessed by now dear reader that today we went to Edinburgh.

The first thing I should say is we went by public transport and if ever a city has got its transport policy right then Edinburgh take a bow. 

Not only were the buses clean but the drivers were very welcoming which is not always the case elsewhere when you have two dogs with you.

Anyway what can I say except just being in a city that is so vibrant is a joy in itself.

We visited the castle where they’re currently erecting the temporary stands for the Edinburgh Tattoo which is something I’ve always planned but not yet been to.

What struck me was the size of the arena which I expected to be the same size as that at the now demolished Earls Court in London that was the home of the now scrapped Royal Tournament (thank you Tony Blair). 

In fact the Edinburgh arena is only just over half the size.

Nevertheless it will still be a great production and I’ll be watching it on the magic eye in the corner of our living room at home when it’s on.

After a bit of site seeing, Scott Memorial, Princess Street the Gardens all of the usual touristy things – and yes including the obligatory we are on holiday ice cream – Liz started to chat to a couple who hailed from a small town in Arizona.

I told you she talks to everyone.

Well it turns out they were approaching their sixtieth year and he had recently retired from working in the aerospace industry and during their trip to Scotland he had proposed and they were planning to get married in September.

Not that any of this is important really to anyone but them and their families – he was a widower and she had never married – but it was the laugh we had about how freeing retirement was.

Apparently they asked him to go back to work but his attitude was – and this is what I found fun – one of saying enough is enough but throughout their visit he was having photographs taken of himself outside of such places as The Imperial War Museum in London and Edinburgh Castle which he was sending back to his former colleagues with the caption “this is what I’m doing today – what have you planned?”

And before any of my USA followers ask – no we did not talk about politics.

It was a really enjoyable half an hour.

After a full day in the city we made our way home once again on public transport when suddenly Liz said “this is us” and stood up and got off the bus only to find we were actually two miles away from where we should have been.

However in good old fashioned fashion she kept a straight face and simply said “well I thought we and the dogs could do with the walk”.

I’m sometimes amazed that after 35 years of marriage she still thinks she can get away with such BS.

But of course she can and she does – 😜😜😜

So here we are glass of wine in hand for tomorrow we leave Scotland and head back across the border into England so….