On Tour NC 500 – Day 15

On Tour Travelogue Day 15

Thursday 14 June

Well “Hector” along with his heavy rain and fifty mile an hour winds duly arrived during the early hours of this morning and stayed with us all day which made the journey from Culloden to Edinburgh ‘interesting’.

It was particularly entertaining driving across the Cairngorms not the least because of the prize idiots who in spite of the driving rain and poor visibility still thought it was a good idea to steam past at over 70mph making those coming the other way brake suddenly and those they are overtaking do the same to let them in.

When I say ‘thought’ I use it in the sarcastic sense that they clearly weren’t bloody thinking.

And on this occasion I can’t in all conscience simply blame Audi drivers, those driving BMW’s were as bad.

What is it about Brits and German cars?

Anyway the journey took an hour longer than anticipated and even with the high winds the view of the Forth from the road bridge was spectacular and made more so when watching the planes coming into Edinburgh Airport swaying gently side to side. 

I’d like to bet the passengers weren’t feeling so relaxed.

All I can say is that if I was giving out the shipping weather forecast today it would be along the lines of “don’t bother stay alongside”.

We arrived in Edinburgh at a site six miles from the city centre and only 600 yards from the foreshore which the dogs absolutely loved.

By the way the good people of Edinburgh call it the Espanade.

Where it appears you can see the three bridges across the Forth providing it stops raining.
Ho hum considering we have had no rain for over two weeks no-one on the NC 500 at the present time has anything to complain about.

If you are wondering why these blogs aren’t longer or more detailed it is because I have committed to writing them in no more than twenty minutes so anyone expecting a Dickensian literacy masterpiece is going to be sorely disappointed.

As for us well tomorrow we are going into the great city of Edinburgh…