On Tour NC 500 – Day 13

On Tour Travelogue Day 13

Tuesday 12 June

Good evening from Culloden where we have returned having now completed the NC 500 but not yet our tour which continues for another 12 days.

Last night we had a little rain which – and didn’t I say I spoke to soon – it brought the midges out in force.

This is the point where – and in fact it reminds of one of my favourite Black Adder rants – I admit that when Liz brought with her bottles of anti-midge/insect repellant and is shall we say very generous in how much she uses on herself I poo- pooed her.

Past experience has proved that whilst she gets bitten a lot and I do mean a lot I very rarely do.

She claims it’s because she is so sweet whereas I’m just a bitter sad old git.

It’s open for discussion.

Anyway they were a bloody nuisance at the very least and especially because we took the dogs with us when we went for breakfast at the Whistle Stop Cafe and had to sit outside.

The breakfast itself was brilliant, tomatoes and avocado on artisan bread topped off with crispy bacon – lots of crispy bacon – and eggs.

Liz tried to explain to me what artisan bread was but it sounded to me that it was just ordinary bread with bits in it.

If you are ever in Kinlochewe try the breakfast you will not be disappointed.
Only get in early because the cafe is very popular as we found out when about thirty female bikers turned up.

What was brilliant was how organised they were with one of the first arrivals acting as direction giver with the instruction, “turn around and park on the roadside don’t block the car park” delivered very firmly and with authority in a strong Scottish accent.
Now you may well ask why I’ve given so much detail.

Well I’ll tell you and it really was one of those you had to be there moments.
One of the riders just sailed straight past the erstwhile director of traffic and this is how the instruction went,

“Turn around and park ach fuck you then”

I couldn’t help laughing as did all of the bikers who were standing outside having just arrived. 

It really was a moment to savour and enjoy.

And before anyone asks yes it was a gay women’s biker group and they were funny as hell enjoying each other’s company.

However the midges got the better of us and we decided to leave a day early and make our way back to Culloden.

So we secured Doris for sea and set off across country for Culloden which was just over sixty miles and which apart from the lovely views – yes even more of them – was an uneventful trip.

So here we are having walked the dogs and settled down for the night back at the start point of the NC 500 where we are staying tomorrow and I’m told we are going to have a lazy day – whatever one of those is – so….