On Tour NC 500 – Day 11

On Tour Travelogue – Day 11

Sunday 10th June

Well hello from Kinlochewe (pronounced kin – lock – wee) where we arrived having travelled down the west coast from Durness.

The first ten miles was along a single track road which as I have explained before is no problem if you are sensible.

Which brings me to the NC 500 and the locals – well those I’ve talked to – attitude towards it.

Mainly it is very positive, they see the benefits and not only financially for the local businesses but also because it has brought with it a very much improved road infrastructure (paid for partly by European Funding I might add so if you are anti Europe then kI dare say you won’t want to drive on them) and the people of the Highlands love showing off their country.

On the negative side – and I can fully understand this – is the increase in traffic but what annoys them most are the people who hire motorhomes and who they believe seem to have simply stepped out of their small car into a three ton truck and have no idea how to drive them.

Or as one man – who happened to be a coastguard – told us, he had to stop five times in one day to reverse a motorhome so they could get through because the drivers themselves couldn’t.

Anyway the trip from Durness to Kinlochewe via Ullapool – that is on our list of places the next time we come this way – was uneventful and we had plenty of time to take in the scenery and also photographs.

One particularly outstanding feature which I wasn’t expecting to see was beds of water lilies on the lakes as we crossed the Highlands.

It really is something worth seeing.

I’m not going to get into a discussion about which coast, the East or the West is the best lets just say they are equally beautiful in their own way.

The Kinlockewe site itself is situated on the edge of the Beinn Eighe National Nature Reserve with tremendous views of the Hills/Mountains including a number of Munros all of which are over 3000feet high above sea level.

We’ve taken the dogs for a good walk and we are going to have a go at one of the uphill trails tomorrow but in the meantime it’s time for wine, 

As if there is any other time. 

Which reminds me – have I said that those who have motorhomes or caravans do like their wine?


Well they do so…