On Tour NC 500 – Day 10

On Tour Travelogue Day 10

Saturday 9th June

Hello again from what has been a somewhat windy but nevertheless brilliant day in Durness.

Have I mentioned that the number of bikers – motorbikes that is – who are touring Scotland has really surprised me and they are all invariably excellent riders whether on their own or in a group.

My advice to anyone driving a motorhome or caravan around Scotland is if you get behind a group of bikers just relax and do exactly that – stay behind them for two very good reasons.
Firstly they take a brilliant line around the bends and secondly why get in their way.

Anyway back to Durness.

To the West as we look out of the van is Cape Wrath – what a great name – where the North Atlantic starts and as the sea state around here demonstrates is not a place you want to be if you don’t know what you’re doing.

This morning we took a walk along the coast to find to our surprise bay after hidden bay which if I was a writer of the ilk of Robert Louis Stephenson would be used as my smugglers paradise.

Rocks around the bay, steep cliffs and dunes, remote with a snarling sea – what more do you need for a Boys Own Adventure.

Our walk took us inland to a small lake which being set in a hollow amongst the hills was very picturesque.

The dogs absolutely loved it and wouldn’t you know it we encounter one patch of filthy bog water on the trip so far and Ellie found it and not only found it but thoroughly enjoyed herself so we came back via the beach.

The Atlantic Ocean is extremely good for washing Springer Spaniels I have dicovered.

This afternoon we walked through Durness Village to a collection of craft workshops but if the truth be known it was because someone told Liz she had to go and try the hot chocolate at a cafe called the Cocoa Mountain.

For those who don’t know Liz is many things and especially amongst which she is an expert on hot chocolate.

Her opinion being it was the best she had ever tasted – and it comes with hand made chocolates.

High praise indeed.

She was so happy we almost had another little victory dance.

So another full day of doing nothing but enjoy the environment, nature and company of the good people of Durness comes to an end as will this bottle of wine, so …