Fantasy Love

We enter a special bubble

When we fall in love

There is no reason

There is no rhyme

Why we feel this way

We’re in love all of the time

A love that eradicates the past

It is for always and forever 

Our true love it will last

There’ll never be trouble

For in our precious love

We’ll sit inside our bubble

Warmed by the glow 

Of our everlasting love

7 thoughts on “Fantasy Love

  1. Well, I don’t think it’s about finding it… I think it’s more about if it is meant to be.. then it will happen and gravitate to those ones that it is for… searching for something will only stop you from experiencing what is already occurring… don’t you think?


  2. I agree, I watched a video recently about wanting something and never achieving it unless “others” tell you your ready, it’s funny why on earth is it about when others want you too.. He said, that if I can find it I will show you another time though, anyway, it wont happen if you wait.. Why do people wait when you know that all is good.. it’s all about spontaneous loving I believe everything in life is a risk.. if we all stopped a bit and dove in then perhaps nothing would occur. bit boring if we waited lol… just saying hehe


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