On Tour NC 500 – Day 8

On Tour Travelogue – Day 8
Thursday 7 June

Good morning from a very sunny Dunnet Bay.

Before I go on to today’s ramblings I have to say the Scots certainly know how to milk British Summer time because how’ s this for a day – first light this morning was at 02:10 sunrise at 04:19 sunset tonight is at 22:11 and last light at 23:13.

There is something surreal about being able to take the dogs on a fantastic a beach first thing in the morning and be the only ones on it.

OK if you wanted to go swimming the sea around the north coast of Scotland it is a little bit parky so you would need a wetsuit – no place for speedo budgie smugglers here – but with almost three miles of glorious beach and sunshine what else could you want.

Did I mention the dogs love the sand dunes into which they kept disappearing only to reappear miles away.

Oh and when the tide goes out there are a lot of jelly fish left stranded which I thought the dogs might show some interest in and was surprised that they didn’t though of course rolling in the carcasses of dead seabirds is a must for any self respecting springer.

They were not too happy to be taken and washed off in the sea followed by a good hosing down.

It is a lovely walk up towards Dunnet Head and I recommend it to anyone thinking about visiting here.

The views are spectacular.

There is also Mary Ann’s Cottage that is worth a visit especially if you have children who are interested in the “Olden Days”.

Mary Ann was a lady in her nineties who had been born,brought up and lived in the cottage all of her life and who when she eventually had to go into a care home asked that her cottage be retained exactly as it was when she lived in it.

It is to the credit of The Caithness Heritage Trust and others that they have kept it as she requested.

On the way back we passed – well actually we had absolutely no chance of passing – the Dunnet Bay Distillery where Liz against all of her natural instincts – sarcasm – went on a tasting mission.

I have to say it was nice and of course we are now the proud owners of a bottle of Dunnet Bay – hand crafted – whatever that means – gin.

Tomorrow we move on again to Durness but in the meantime it is time to watch this remarkable sunset,

And have a beer.