On Tour NC 500 – Day 6

On Tour Travelogue – Day 6
Tuesday 5th June

OK I’m just going to say it and damn the consequences – “Is it wrong to believe all Audi drivers are complete wankers”?

The motto of Audi is ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ which means Advancement through Technology.

Now I have no problem with the excellence of German engineering or with Audi vehicles themselves but why is it that the drivers of such advanced machinery all seem to adopt the intelligence and common sense of an undernourished amoeba?

And those who drive the A5 version are the worst of the lot.

You may by now have guessed during our first leg of the NC 500 from Culloden to Brora that Audi drivers did nothing to endear themselves to me.

Especially those who drive around the ring roads of Edinburgh.

However apart from that the journey to Brora was great and one feature stood out above everything else and – I know this isn’t important to some but it bloody well should be – that is just how clean Scotland and the villages we passed through are.

We also think the light here is clearer but that may just be and illusion and if anyone can scientifically prove it one way or the other then let me know.

I live in Ipplepen a small village in South Devon having moved there from Northampton which was wherever you looked was a disgustingly dirty place to live so our village is in comparison very clean.

But sorry Ipplepen the villages around Brora are exceptionally clean and neat.

Where we are staying is alongside a genuine links golf course across which you walk across to reach a magnificent beach (I wonder how many times I’ll be saying that this trip?)

The sea looked really inviting under the clear blue sunlit sky so I went for a paddle forgetting that this was the North Sea – bloody Nora – I’ve had warmer ice baths after a game of rugby.

Now as those reading this probable know we have two Springers – Ellie who is a rehome,

And Flix who is a rescue dog,

Ellie is a delight gets on with everyone, Flix on the other hand is a nervous type – especially around young children – which in my book makes OK – and anyway he simply avoids them.

Now both have been trained and when we are at home they ignore the wild life, or at least a simple command – LEAVE – and they do just that ignore them and move on.

So when we saw Flix charge towards the sea we thought nothing of it until we realised he’d seen a puffin and was after it even following it into the sea to try and catch it.

Don’t worry the puffin got away.

But Flix is now our very own failed Chuffin Puffin Killer.

But here’s the thing.

In chasing him to stop him catching the puffin I started to run into the sea having first slipped my shoes off at the waters edge?

Why ffs?

I was fully clothed, had my mobile and wallet on me so why was I so worried about getting my shoes wet?

People do the craziest of things.

Talking of which Liz did a little victory dance because she has eventually persuaded me to come to Scotland.

Ah – the simple things in life please the simplest of minds – but don’t tell her I said so.

Incidentally for those who have never travelled this route the Scots do love a bloody good bridge.

Well this is Scotland and the days are getting even longer if that is at all possible so it must be time for a sundowners drink.

Tomorrow we are off to John o’ Groats and then on to Dunnet Bay

The wine is poured so….